The Minotaur Tuckable Adjustable Cant (MTAC) is a hybrid holster of leather and Kydex. The leather backing takes advantage of the comfort of a leather holster against the user’s skin. The Kydex body of the holster is stable and durable, keeping the draw the same every time. The MTAC’s mounting clips are flexible enough to bend and move with the user without breaking or causing discomfort.

“I first thought of the MTAC when some of my customers requested a different material than Kydex to ride against their skin,” explained Garrett. “I mentioned the idea to an associate of mine who worked with leather. I liked his design but it but it was never exactly what I imagined. I later produced my vision of the holster and continually improve on it to fill our customer’s needs.”

In addition to the materials, the MTAC’s design makes the holster completely unique. The mounting clips on the MTAC can be repositioned to adjust the angle of the holster and the ride depth. This allows each user to fit the holster to his or her own individual carrying preferences. The Kydex mounting bodies are interchangeable, which give the user the option of buying a new Kydex shell instead of replacing the whole holster.

The Kydex of the holster is expertly fit to each firearm and hand-checked with the exact firearm before it ships. The user is never asked to use any heating element to adjust the fit themselves. The holster is shipped completely assembled allowing the user to pull it out of the box and put it on. Comp-Tac also offers a 30 Day “No BS” Guarantee test period so any product the user isn’t completely satisfied with can be returned or exchanged without any questions asked.

“Comp-Tac is committed to offering products to better meet our user’s needs, producing products for a lower cost and delivering them to our customers in a timely manner,” commented Garrett.

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