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'Computer Cop' Helping Wisconsin Children Stay Safe Online

The Wisconsin-based Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and Rock County Sheriff’s Office have released a new program to help parents keep their kids safe on the Internet.

The new CD program, dubbed “Computer Cop,” allows parents to monitor their child’s activity, keep them off of inappropriate sites and also keep potential predators at bay, according to CBS58 News in Wisconsin.

“Computer Cop” allows parents to keep a closer eye on their children as they surf the web. The program catches key words, codes, and pictures before children can click on them. The program can also decode abbreviations and other online lingo that parents may not understand.

“It really is the Wild West out there,” Rock County Sheriff Robert D. Spoden told CBS58. “It’s a frontier of technology that we’re just now beginning to understand and get a handle on. So it’s going to take some time for law enforcement and our communities to really appreciate and understand how dangerous these sites can be.”

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