The Louisiana State Senate will soon vote on a bill to expand the right of citizens who have concealed-carry permits to bear arms in so-called “firearm-free zones” extending 1000 feet around schools in the state.

Senate Bill 81, filed by Sen. Daniel Martiny (R-Metairie), passed out of the Senate Judiciary B Committee on Tuesday.

The bill was passed under a suspension of the rules with no objection. Martiny is the chair of the Committee.

Present law in Louisiana bans anyone from carrying a gun within 1000 feet of a school, excepting law enforcement officers, school employees, or anyone with permission from the principal or administration, such as students in the

Reserve Officer Training Corps. There are also exceptions for guns within a vehicle or on private property.

Martiny’s bill would add another exception, exempting from the ban “The possession of a firearm occurring within one thousand feet of school property … in accordance with a concealed handgun permit.” A narrower exception exists in present law for holders of certain local concealed-carry permits. The bill under debate in the Senate would extend that protection to statewide concealed-carry permits.

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