They were at it for more than a hour and it still hadn’t all come off.

But old glory was fading slowly much to the chagrin of some neighbors who rather liked it.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if people want to express how we should support our troops that’s one way to do it but it was considered graffiti so the county came and said they were taking it away.” Alberta Avenue Resident Lisa Pleasant says.

The meticulously painted flag and words took up about a quarter of the block.

It was big, very big with a simple message to support our troops and a service member named Justin with a very accurate eight foot by five foot flag right in the middle.

Neighbors say the flag mysteriously appeared in the middle of the street.

Source: Roosevelt Leftwich for ABC 2 News.

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They were at it for more than a hour and it still hadn't all come…