The Crandall Police Department in Texas becomes the latest law enforcement group to deploy the Viridian FACT Duty weapon-mounted camera.

Viridian Weapon Technologies recently announced the Crandall Police Department in Texas deployed the FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera (WMC) for its officers.

Crandall Police Department Selects Viridian FACT Duty

The FACT Duty made headlines earlier, capturing an intense shootout between a suspect armed with a sawed off shotgun and Texas law enforcement officers. The camera helped seal a lengthy conviction and exonerate officers in the shooting.

Now another agency elects to outfit officers with the FACT Duty. In an era of increased police scrutiny, more departments continue to employ body camera systems.

“The FACT Duty Weapon Mounted Camera literally provides a lens to view the actions of law enforcement that has not been available before with other types of cameras,” said Police Chief Dean Winters. “When Viridian first came on the scene a few years ago we knew that it was on the leading edge of law enforcement technology. After the recent trial in Vernon, Texas, where the video captured by an officer’s FACT Duty camera during an Officer Involved Shooting, where the officer was shot by a suspect, it became very apparent that it was technology that was important for us to have as part of our department.

Protecting Officers

“Although the Crandall Police Department is a small agency, we have always tried to be on the forefront in the use of technology in day-to-day operations,” Chief Winters continued. “Crandall was the first agency in Kaufman County to have officers wearing Body Cameras, long before anyone really understood the reasons why they were needed. But for us, not only was it a way to capture evidence in the field, we felt it added a layer of transparency to our department.”

The Viridian FACT Duty delivers an unobstructed view of use-of-force events. It employs a 1080p full-HD digital camera. Meanwhile, a 500-lumen tactical light illuminates the target. Instant-On technology automatically activates camera and microphone on the draw. The system eliminates failure to activate with other systems. It also eliminates a step required for officers under potential duress.

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