Today, Crimson Trace will announce the creation of CTC Defense, a separate division of the Crimson Trace Corporation that will be dedicated exclusively to the military market. While Crimson Trace products have been used successfully in recent military engagements as well as by many law enforcement agencies, the newly formed company’s ability to focus exclusively on these end-users will enable them to leverage their existing technology and provide products better-tailored to the needs of the modern warfighter that will only be available to the military community.

Crimson Trace needs very little introduction. Since they first started making their grip-panel-integrated laser sights in 1994, they have turned what was once a heavy, bulky item (remember Tango & Cash?) into a compact, reliable aiming system that’s available for the vast majority of defensive handguns. Nor has their product line stopped expanding with their Lasergrips: the same minimally obtrusive design philosophy has been applied in other ways, tracking the changes in handgun design itself. Witness their G-Series laser for the Glock, similar units for the Springfield XD, and the backstrap model for the Smith & Wesson M&P–perhaps the least conspicuous of them all. Other new products have been their Laserguard units, designed to fit on the tiny pocket pistols that are so en vogue at the moment, and their Modular Vertical Foregrip (MVF). Available in either green or the traditional red laser, the MVF combines a white light and laser in a single, programmable unit with separate switching that can work by pressure pad, constant-on, or strobing.

But that’s not all they’re up to. Among the introductory products that will be offered by CTC Defense is a pair of Lasergrips for the SIG Sauer P226. Affectionately known as the “dual can,” they incorporate both a red laser and an infrared (IR) laser for use with night vision.

The other is the MVF-600, a rail-mounted vertical foregrip for the M4/AR series of rifles that includes a white LED light, as well as red and IR lasers. The light and the lasers will be housed in removable modules on each side of the grip and readily interchangeable through the use of a throw-lever mounting system.

Stay tuned for more detailed coverage of the new products in upcoming Harris Publications.

Official Press Release:
Crimson Trace Corporation, manufacturer of Lasergrips® and Laserguard® laser-sighting systems, has launched as new division targeting military supply channels with military grade product: CTC Defense.

Different from the commercial Crimson Trace brand, all new products have been built from the ground up using new technologies and resources that are innovative solutions for today’s hostile environments requiring white light, IR (infrared) and quick change day-to-night sighting systems.

“Adapt, Enhance and Overcome — those are the key needs for today’s modern day Warfighter”, said Dale Suzuki, Director of CTC Defense. “With the introduction of the heavily featured/modulated MVF-600, the Dual Can sighting system and platform specific solutions (HK, Sig Sauer, etc), we’ve fulfilled our vision for meeting the requirements now faced on the battlefield due to changing environments, close quarter encounters and new technologies”.

“CTC Defense is a natural progression to our growing business model and we are very proud and excited to launch this new brand and division” said Lane Tobiassen, President of Crimson Trace. “With our significant resources, superior innovation and patented technologies, we are able to provide the Military with unique products that expand and enhance their ability to be the supreme force on the battlefield.”

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-442-2406.

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