Wisconsin Carry, a gun rights group, plans to file a lawsuit against the Madison Police Department after five men were charged for openly carrying weapons.

The men wore their guns as the ate at a Culver’s Restaurant in Madison over the weekend.

A 62-year-old woman called police saying she felt uneasy.

She told officers the men were not doing anything wrong but that she was rattled.

Officers initially arrested two men for not showing identification.

Those charges have now been dropped. In their place all five men were cited for disorderly conduct.

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray said a big factor in the new charges was that the 911 caller was worried.

“It’s reviewing the entire incident, from call to completion and determining it’s the appropriate charge,” Wray said.

Source: Brendan Conway for WISN 12.

The original story:

A group of armed men sat outside a Culver’s Restaurant near the East Towne Mall in Madison Sunday night eating burgers and drinking shakes.

The men said it was partly a chance to socialize but also a show of support for Shawn Winrich and a man from Racine who were arrested Saturday night at the same Culver’s while openly carrying guns.

“He asked if I was going to ID myself, I basically remained silent and he told me I was under arrest,” Winrich said.
Winrich said he was with four friends, who were all armed, eating dinner when police showed up.

According to audio the group recorded, police asked the five men to show identification to prove they were not felons.

Three of the men showed their ID, but Winrich and the other man did not and were handcuffed, arrested and cited for obstruction.

“I believe that I was not in any wrongdoing and so they had no authority or legal obligation to demand my ID,” Winrich said.

Winrich is a member of the gun rights group Wisconsin Carry.

Source: Brendan Conway for WISN 12.

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