Joe-Joe K-9 Danbury
Danbury Township Police Department Adds New K-9 to Staff (CREDIT: Craig Shoup / )

The Danbury Township Police Department is adding some serious bite to its force.

K-9 Joe-Joe will join the department after completing necessary training, according to the Ohio-based Port Clinton News Herald.

After more than a decade without a K-9, police chief Mike Meisler and new K-9 handler Josh Young were all smiles as they welcomed German Shepherd Joe-Joe to the staff.

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Before Young and Joe-Joe officially begin their patrol, each must participate in training sessions to create a rapport with one another.

For Joe-Joe, he is undertaking narcotics training after arriving to the department on Oct. 4. Meisler said Joe-Joe has brought a very good disposition and has been friendly to everyone.

“You’re training yourself to watch the dog’s nuances,” Young told Port Clinton News Herald. “… Usually they need to train between 45-60 days before they’re ready.”

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