Boeing Phantom Swift X-Plane
Photo © <a href="">Boeing</a>

Boeing has been awarded a 9.4 million contract modification to continue to refine its design of the experimental Phantom Swift X-Plane, according to a Department of Defense (DoD) announcement on August 26.

The DoD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded the funds for a 16-month option on an existing 7-month base contract.

According to IHS Jane’s 360, the DoD said,

Boeing will continue to refine their design of the [VTOL] experimental aircraft, bringing it to a preliminary design review level. Specifically, Boeing will complete the following milestones: system definition review; interim progress review; and preliminary design review.

The Phantom Swift X-Plane is an experimental plane that would be able to take-off and land vertically.

Most of the work on the modifications to the plane will be performed at Boeing’s Ridley Park facility in Pennsylvania.

For more information, visit IHS Jane’s 360.

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