The 2008 Inaugural Pro-Am Championship was held on July 26-27 at the world-class United States Shooting Academy (USSA) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In this exciting pistol tournament, 165 professional and amateur ranked competitors raced against a par time, or maximum number of seconds to finish, to knock down dozens of steel targets placed in the shooting bays.

The Pro squad participants were composed of twelve of the highest ranking members in pistol shooting sports.  Pro-Am equipment was restricted to iron sight pistols limited to ten rounds in the magazine and single-action race guns competed side by side with production double action and Safe-Action pistols. USSA Director of Competitive Events Phil Strader, who is an accomplished USPSA Grandmaster, set the stage par times for all eight stages which ranged from 17 to 26 seconds.

Dave Sevigny of Team GLOCK shot a very consistent match by finishing near the top of each stage including two stage wins and one tie with a USPSA Production legal GLOCK 34. Emanuel “Manny” Bragg, a top ranked USPSA Limited division competitor from Missouri, won three stages and used a custom built single action pistol.  Throughout the competition, Sevigny and Bragg traded the lead from the first to last stage.  Yet it was one of Bragg’s final hits prior to the expiration of the par time that earned him a narrow margin of victory, 234-233 over Sevigny.  “I left a lot on the table after my final run but it turned out to be an exciting finish.  It doesn’t get any closer than what we saw.  I am proud of Manny for taking this one.  He is very talented and deserved the win,” said Sevigny.

Pro Class Finals were as follows:
1st  Emanuel Bragg – 234, 2nd  Dave Sevigny – 233, 3rd Shannon Smith – 219, 4th Taran Butler – 215, 5th Jerry Miculek – 207, 6th Glenn Shelby – 202, 7th Pete Milionis – 201, 8th Gordon Carrell – 201, 9th Bruce Piatt – 192, 10th BJ Norris – 189,  11th Doug Koenig – 178 and 12th Shane Coley – 177.

Phil Strader said, “Having a match like this has been a dream of mine for a long time.  It is a unique concept compared to anything else on the shooting circuit.  We expect the Pro-Am to draw both sponsors and competitors for many years to come.”  GLOCK was the Amateur sponsor for the Pro-Am and donated several GLOCK pistols and other merchandise to competitors.  Phil Strader added, “The United States Shooting Academy would like to extend thanks to GLOCK, Inc. for their continued support of the shooting sports and we are honored to have Dave Sevigny of Team GLOCK competing at the Pro-Am.”

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The 2008 Inaugural Pro-Am Championship was held on July 26-27 at the world-class United…