Dayton Police Robotex Inc. Avatar III Tactical Robot

The Dayton Police Department SWAT team has a new member, and it isn’t human — it’s a tactical robot.

According to the Dayton Daily News:

Police on Tuesday unveiled the $60,000 Avatar III tactical robot, which can open doors, move objects and includes a two-way communication system to allow officers to safely talk with someone inside a building during a standoff situation.

… The multi-camera machine designed by California-based Robotex Inc. has a sophisticated track system that allows it to climb stairs and roll over obstacles. Kinstle said SWAT team members already have trained with the robot.

“We can send this robot in, we can assess dangerous areas before we ever have to send any officers in,” Dayton police SWAT team leader Mark Kinstle told the Dayton Daily News. “The life-saving capabilities is very large for something like this. On Dayton SWAT, it’s always life-saving, it’s always our No. 1 priority, whether it’s citizens, officers or even suspects.”

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