Glock‘s recently unveiled Gen5 models are already finding homes in law enforcement; the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has revealed it intends on purchasing a batch of Glock 26 Gen5 guns.

According to the posting on FedBizOpps, the DEA want 100 Glock 26 Gen5 pistols. The agency wants the guns to come with the following accessories: rail frame; AmeriGlo night sights; 5.5-pound trigger pull; extended slide stops; and extended magazine catches. In addition, six “high capacity” magazines are required per pistol.

This purchase is what’s known as a Brand Name Only solicitation. As such, the DEA is required to provide a justification for why there is no full and open competition for the award. Here’s what the agency said in the justification document:

DEA issues, trains and maintains Glock pistols for DEA Special Agents in extremely hazardous and unstable conditions. Standardization saves funding, provides critical training/re-training and operational efficiencies, interchangeability of parts provides logistical savings and most importantly provides vitally important realtime life saving advantages during responses by our fighting force battling a war on drugs.

Market research, product testing and analysis was conducted by the DEA and FBI to identify reliable and efficient pistols. When combining the results of research, testing and analysis further with on hand inventory of pistols and training/equipment maintenance programs the DEA has determined limiting a purchase to a sole brand name is necessary to avoid retraining of agents and maintainers, reduces the stockpiling of parts and when used in the field during hazardous and unstable conditions provides life saving advantages which are critical to the success of the DEA mission.

The pistols will be delivered on September 1, 2018. The FedBizOpps posting doesn’t reveal the dollar amount of the contract with Glock.

Glock 26 Gen5

Glock unveiled its G26 Gen5 model at the beginning of the year. This subcompact model features the Gen5 improvements found on the G17, G19 and G34 MOS, including a Glock Marksman barrel for improved accuracy with polygonal rifling and an improved barrel crown; no finger grooves on the front strap; ambidextrous slide stop levers; and a nDLC finish for more durability and corrosion resistance. See the specs on the gun below.

  • Caliber/System: 9×19 / Safe Action
  • Length: 163 mm / 6.42 in.
  • Height: 106 mm / 4.17 in.
  • Width: 33.00 mm / 1.30 in.
  • Length Between Sights: 137 mm / 5.39 in.
  • Barrel Length: 87 mm / 3.43 in
  • Weight (Unloaded): 615 g / 21.69 oz.
  • Weight (Loaded): 739 g / 26.07 oz.
  • Trigger Pull: 5.8 lb / 26 N
  • Trigger Travel: ~12.5 mm / 0.49 in.
  • Barrel Rifling: Enhanced hexagonal profile with right-hand twist (GMB)
  • Length of Twist: 250 mm / 9.84 in.
  • Magazine Capacity: 10

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