The success of DoD enterprise email is dependent upon a buy-in from the military services of the DoD, a content acquisition executive for DISA said.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is emerging as the U.S. military source for mobile, cloud and other enterprise services.

Jennifer Carter, Component Acquisition Executive for DISA, says the success of the DISA as an enterprise email service provider is dependent on a buy-in from the military services and other Department of Defense components, Carter said. One way the DISA can accomplish this is by touting the efficiencies of department wide services.

“We already meet the security requirements,” she said about DISA offerings. “So, somebody else doesn’t have to go try to leverage a commercial offering and then build in the security requirements in that.”

“The price point really drops when you get a very large number of users,” Carter said of DISA’s enterprise services. “So, we need to be able to commit to a large number of users to be able to get those reduced prices.”


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