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In the ongoing debate over the Second Amendment, we discuss hypocrisy quite often when talking about rich anti-gun politicians trying to limit private gun ownership even as they pay armed bodyguards to watch over them 24 hours a day. Such shenanigans seem like they would be hard to top in the hypocrisy department. But then we come to the “Defund the Police” movement in Tacoma.

Defund the Police Movement in Tacoma

As the old saying goes, however, “hold my beer and watch this.”

A recent instance when organizers of a defund the police protest asked the local police department to provide security for the event might just take the cake. And the cop who called out the irony is in some hot water over revealing the details.

A police officer made a TikTok video that went viral last week revealing what had happened. It was later revealed that the maker of the video was officer Sam Lopez of the Tacoma, Wash., Police Department.

“So I come in this morning and we’re informed there’s going to be a protest to ‘defund’ the police,” Lopez says in the 28-second video seen above. “Well, that’s fine, I like protests, except for they requested a police presence, you know, for their safety, at the ‘defund the police’ event. I sh*t you not.”

Until You Need a Cop …

It’s evident from watching the video that Lopez had a hard time keeping from laughing about the situation. Lopez’s video eventually reached more than 8 million views. Many people seemed to enjoy the irony of the organizers requesting police to protect the “defunding” event.

As one person who commented on the video succinctly put it, “Everyone complains about cops … until they need one.” 

Eight million-plus views notwithstanding, some within the Tacoma Police Department aren’t laughing. Because of complaints, the department launched an investigation into Lopez, along with two other officers for similar videos—and for earlier videos Lopez made that have come to the public’s attention through the situation.

In the end, those who want to “defund” police simply don’t have enough sense of humor to understand the irony of asking those same police they want to see out of a job to come provide safety for their rally. They especially don’t like the fact that their incredible hypocrisy is drawing negative attention throughout the country.  

In a similarly ironic situation involving hypocrisy and “defunding” police, Minneapolis, Minn., taxpayers are forking over $4,500 per day to pay for private security details for city councilors who have voted to change the city charter in order to make the disbanding of the city police department possible. Not unlike when billionaire Michael Bloomberg calls for gun bans while having his own private security team, the councilors have the luxury of free private security, even as they work to get rid of the police department—charged to serve and protect the city’s normal residents. Just as Lopez said concerning the Tacoma situation, “I sh*t you not.”

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