Every year, there are hundreds of accidental shootings and most of the time, they involve children. But the maker of a new product called the Safety Bullet claims his invention can keep children safe and still give gun owners immediate protection. but is the device a dud or right on target?

Imagine this scenario: It’s the middle of the night. You hear glass breaking. You’re certain an intruder is in your home. Your gun is locked in a safe in another room and by the time you get it out, it’s too late.

Same scenario: This time, the gun is next to the bed but, it’s dark and you fumble with the gun lock. Again, the intruder has the upper hand.

For most gun owners, leaving a loaded weapon in the nightstand is too risky. A child could get it – and in recent months, Kentuckiana area has been plagued with several accidental shootings involving children, some deadly.

But what if it were possible to keep a loaded gun ready 24/7 and still keep children safe at the same time?

Manufacturer Mike Worley is selling what he claims is that solution: what he calls the fastest and safest self defense device on the market: the Safety Bullet.

Shooters Supply in Independence, KY, is one of three Kentucky dealers with Safety Bullets on the shelves.

Co-Owner Homer Cole says they feel the product is worthwhile.

“It was something we wanted to put in the store.”

With an indoor range, people carry guns in and out of Shooters Supply – some experienced, and others – not so much.

That’s why they try to promote safety products, so they were intrigued by the Safety Bullet.

It’s priced at under $25.00, but the biggest problem with selling it has been that most gun owners don’t know what it is or how it works.

Source: Connie Leonard for Wave3.

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Every year, there are hundreds of accidental shootings and most of the time, they…