DoD Looks Into Military Applications of Biometrics
DoD Looks Into Military Applications of Biometrics

The DoD is currently looking into the military applications of biometrics, as a possible means of taking more and more of the guesswork out of combat.

To defend the nation and defeat our adversaries engaged in irregular warfare, the Department of Defense requires a variety of capabilities — in counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, foreign internal defense and stability operations — that all depend on separating enemy combatants from innocent civilians. Another challenge in irregular warfare is being able to distinguish loyal indigenous security forces from disloyal foes who can procure uniforms and equipment that allow them to blend with regular forces and conduct surprise attacks on installations or within government buildings.

Biometrics can be play an important role in addressing these challenges by helping to record the identities of enemy combatants and link individuals to events such as IED explosions.

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