Dover Police Delaware evidence room
Dover Police Gives Peek Into Evidence Room

The Delaware-based Dover Police Department has a room full of more than 16,000 pieces of evidence.

Dover Police recent gave an inside look at the evidence room and the process that goes into collecting and properly storing evidence.

Dover police logged nearly 1,400 pieces of new physical evidence in 2009. Last year, it logged 2,447, and this year has collected 1,262 pieces so far, according to numbers provided by the department.

Dover Police officials told that the rise in numbers can be attributed to a number of factors, including a “slowing appeals process through the court, the time it takes for trials to start, and the advancement of crime scene technology.”

The evidence room at the Dover Police Station has seen number of unusual additions over the years.

The latest addition, a metal cane separated into two, sits next to several trash bags filled with clothes and tagged with case information. The bags sit among curiosities recovered from crime scenes across the city. There’s the beat-up black trunk once filled with unknown ashen remains, and nearby, a plastic bin wrapped that was at one time stuffed with a corpse. Next to one shelf of drug paraphernalia are several six-foot tall bongs.

New evidence-searching techniques, like “lights, cooling chambers and fluorescent powders,” have helped Dover Police improve its crime scene etiquette in recent years.

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