The British Ministry of Defense is making a strong push into the future.

Startpoint, a Royal Navy think tank group, last week released photos of its futuristic battleship: The Dreadnought 2050.

According to CNN:

Dreadnought 2050 is a tri-hull design and it’s not steel as most battle ships are. It’s an ultra-strong, see-through acrylic, Startpoint says.

The ship does away with the traditional mast, using instead a quad-copter tethered to the ship with carbon nanotubes that would carry power for sensors and a laser gun to take out nearby threats.

For threats farther off, there’s an electomagnetic rail gun on the bow that can fire a projectile hundreds of miles. Tubes in the two outrigger hulls would be armed with “supercavitating” torpedoes, which go so fast that they vaporize the water around them and create an air pocket that lets them fly through the water.

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