DuPont™ Kevlar® XP™ has been adopted by Safariland™, a BAE Systems line of business, as part of a complete Kevlar® materials package for its Second Chance® Summit™ Series body armor.

The new body armor ─ MN01 Type IIIA ─ is a thin, flexible design that features a hybrid of all DuPont™ Kevlar® advanced fiber ballistic materials. The combination of these materials, including DuPont™ Kevlar® XP™, provides enhanced ballistic performance against special threats like the 5.7 FN hollow point bullets and reinforces the new brand partnership between Second Chance® and DuPont™ Kevlar®.

“We are pleased to support Safariland™ with complete Kevlar® solutions for some of their new ballistic vests,” said William F. Weber, vice president – DuPont Protection Technologies North America. “We are working together to help protect lives and, with technology offerings like Kevlar® XP™, we can provide innovative solutions that drive opportunities for next-generation body armor.”

Kevlar® XP™ has more bullet-stopping power and helps reduce potentially serious ballistic injuries. The DuPont patented technology provides a 15 percent reduction in backface deformation and advanced performance in a 100 percent Kevlar® solution. In addition, Kevlar® XP™ allows more comfortable vest designs with at least a 10 percent reduction in overall weight when compared to other commercially available technologies.


“We are proud to continue the legacy of comfortable, reliable Second Chance® armor vests for the law enforcement community,” added Todd Mackler, vice president – Safariland Category Management for Armor. “Working with DuPont has allowed us to develop a thin, flexible design that provides enhanced ballistic performance.”

According to Safariland™, the new body armor satisfies the requirements of the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) new Voluntary Body Armor Compliance Testing Program under NIJ Standard-0101.06 (NIJ-06). The MN01 Type IIIA also features advanced perimeter and X-stitching to reinforce the armor panels, while reducing blunt trauma. The MN01 Type IIIA adds to the existing family of Type IIA and II for superior value, performance and reliability.

Safariland, LLC is a premier provider of law enforcement and security products and services, delivering a full-range of customer-specific solutions. Offering many of the world’s most recognizable branded products in the public safety market, Safariland is committed to saving lives. For more information about Safariland and its body armor products, as well as information on the new NIJ-06 standard, please visit

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