E-Tickets Orange County
E-Tickets Replacing Standard Traffic Tickets in Orange County (CREDIT: JEFF GRITCHEN / Orange County Register)

Ticket pads are a thing of the past in Orange County.

Fast and accurate e-tickets have become a new, go-to method for police officers throughout the county.

The Orange County Register recently followed La Habra police officer Jason Coleman who issued a speeding ticket to a driver using “a small, black machine that looks like an elongated BlackBerry.”

Police told the Register that the new e-ticket process “reduces costs, saves time and boosts efficiency.”

The process isn’t different; the driver can still object to an e-ticket, and a court might still rule in the driver’s favor.

But the information an e-ticket records is kept instantaneously and is almost certainly accurate – two things that cannot always be said about hand-written traffic tickets.

Back at the La Habra station, Coleman settled the ticketing device into a docking station. Information about the two tickets he wrote that afternoon then downloaded into an online system monitored by a private company, which checked the tickets before sending the information on to computer databases kept by courts and police

“The change is forced, but good,” Westminster Police Sgt. Cameron Knauerhaze told the Orange County Register. “It will cause all O.C. agencies to be more efficient in the writing and processing of tickets.”

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