Ebola prep Minnesota Law Enforcement
Ebola Getting Attention From Minnesota Law Enforcement (CREDIT: CBS Minnesota)

While the number of diagnosed Ebola cases in the U.S. can’t be counted on one hand, law enforcement in Minnesota is prepping for the worst.

LEOs throughout the state are being prepped with directions and equipment on how to handle potential Ebola cases, according CBS Minnesota.

Officers know the Ebola risk is low right now but proper eye protection and face masks from the Department of Health will better protect them from all communicable diseases, at a time when Ebola is top of mind.

Ebola has been prominently in the news for the last several months due to a severe outbreak in West Africa that has claimed the lives of thousands. The “outbreak” in the U.S. pails in comparison and worry has been increased due to what many critics are saying is unnecessary hype from the media. Regardless, Minnesota law enforcement is being cautious.

… All Minneapolis police squad cars, bikes and Segway’s have a new tool in the fight against an invisible threat to public health.

“It’s a personal, protective bag that we’re now carrying,” Officer Michael Kirchen told CBS Minnesota. “We get to the scene first. We want to make sure that we have this stuff with us just in case we encounter someone we may think could be infected.”

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