Clean up the streets, or else…

That was the message in Egypt today, as rioting continues to grind the nation to a halt.

In a statement Monday afternoon, Egypt’s top general, Abd al-Fatah a-Sisi, warned President Mohammed Morsi that he had 48 hours to resolve the crisis in Egypt. If he did not, the army would “intervene.” The army would expect Morsi to lay out a road map of steps he plans to take to “satisfy the will of the people,” and restore calm; otherwise, he said, the army would take control of the country.

At a press conference, a-Sisi said that the Egyptian people “had made their will very clear.” He stressed that the army’s sole interest was in restoring calm and ensuring that daily life did not descend into chaos, and that the army was not taking sides.

Analysts said that with the statement, a-Sisi had basically sealed Morsi’s fate. It was unlikely that protesters would be satisfied with anything less than his resignation, and if he did not resign, the army would make him do so.


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Clean up the streets, or else... That was the message in Egypt today, as…