EOTech Law Enforcement Grant Assistance

Working with law enforcement agencies across the country one trend seems to be prevalent from coast to coast; budgets are being reduced and agencies are being forced to try and do more with shrinking resources. In an effort to supplement department and agency efforts, EOTech has created a FREE Grant Assistance Program.

Through its partnership with Dynamic International, one of the nation’s leading grant assistance firms, EOTech is able to provide support, free of charge, to city, county and state organizations that are interested in seeking grant funding for EOTech related products.

Paul Cunningham, EOTech’s Director of Public Safety Sales, spearheaded the programs development, “EOTech has always maintained the highest level of respect and support for those that put their lives on the line for others. Watching them struggle through budget cuts that restrict their operational finances and don’t allow them to purchase the equipment they need, to safely do their jobs, is unacceptable”.

Dynamic International will offer step-by-step instruction through the entire grant funding process by helping agencies gain approval to pursue grant funding, identifying available grants and pinpointing the people to support the grant at the state level. They will then assist with the development of a successful grant justification paper and help to secure and protect the grant funding.

EOTech is pleased to be able to help these organizations acquire funding for equipment they need to protect themselves and the communities they serve. To inquire about the program submit your agencies information at: http://www.eotech-inc.com/grant-assistance.

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