The 2 Investigators have uncovered disturbing new details about security gaps at O’Hare International Airport.

Thousands of people have had access to the back entrance of the airport and to security badges that allow them through that back gate while bypassing airport security. CBS 2’s Dave Savini has been investigating this threat for years and spoke with former Chicago Department of Aviation Police Chief Jim Maurer, who says he was fired for trying to close the security gaps.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” Maurer said.

Signs by the entrance to secure parts of the airport warn that vehicles must be searched and trunks opened. Recently, the 2 Investigator’s watched as vehicles with hatchbacks only got a brief glance and trunks received little more attention. Most alarming, there are no metal detectors to check for weapons — all so airline employees, contractors and some government workers could have free parking without the hassle of going through security.

“The number of scenarios is endless,” Maurer said of airport entrance. “Disgruntled employees. A coordinated attack. Somebody just driving onto the runway.”

Maurer says he tried for years to get the back gate and parking lot shut down. He also says he continuously used CBS 2’s hidden-camera investigation from 2007 as an example of the security threat.

Then, the 2 Investigators showed how those who entered through the back gate didn’t get screened for weapons, even though they would have easy access to secure areas of the airport. They could board employee busses, go onto airport runways and walk right onto the tarmac and into a terminal without getting screened.

“We don’t patrol those lots,” Maurer said. “We don’t patrol the airfield itself.”

Source: Dave Savini for CBS 2 Chicago.

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The 2 Investigators have uncovered disturbing new details about security gaps at O'Hare International…