Lockheed Martin F-35B

A fix for the F-35’s June engine trouble may be on its way as crews continue to work on the fighter jet.

Pentagon acquisitions chief Frank Kendall told reporters that the June fire “was caused by ‘excessive rubbing’ of fan blades inside the plane’s engine.”

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Gen. Mark Welsh, the Air Force chief of staff, spoke with Defense News on Aug. 25 about the F-35’s progress.

“We know how to prevent it from occurring again by making a redesign in the engine. And, that is what the engine company is working on,” Welsh said.

“I think they are probably pretty close to that, and then they will have to make changes to the manufacturing process to ensure that that is good for the future,” he added.

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Defense News reported that the fix itself, has not been explained in detail.

“We have a potential fix that we believe will eliminate the problem, and we will conduct engine and rig tests next month to verify that with the Services and the Joint Program Office,” Pratt spokesman Matthew Bates told Defense News.

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