Luth-AR issued a warning recently, advising customers to be on the lookout for copycat parts for sale online. Moreover, the company warned of fake Luth-AR MBA buttstock assemblies on retailers including Amazon and EBay.

“There are Luth-AR MBA Buttstock knockoffs being offered on some of these platforms,” Luth-AR said in a statement. “Warning signs to look for is that they may be labeled as ‘Luth Style.’ These are of unknown quality, unauthorized and counterfeit products. They will not come in the correct packaging and will not have quality printed instruction manuals. They will most likely be offered at prices well below our advertised price. Some have actually stolen our published product images to further deceive the purchaser.”

Spotting Fake Luth-AR MBA Buttstocks

  • Red QD sling swivel cup
  • No internal support ribs (4) on the inside of the buffer tube hole
  • Backside of side struts lack reinforcement structure and are smooth
  • Buffer tube hole undersized and is very tight on a Mil-Spec buffer tube
  • No Luth-AR logos indicated on the buttstock
  • Inferior polymers whereby stock will break easily
  • Cap-head screws and Allen wrench are metric vs SAE

Luth-AR packages all genuine MBA Buttstocks in a quality, printed box, the company explained. Moreover, each product includes printed instruction sheets and brochures. Meanwhile, fake Luth-AR MBA Buttstocks are shipping with aftermarket and foreign parts, including buffer tubes, buffers, springs and more. Additionally, those foreign parts fail to comply with or meet original M-16/AR-15 specifications, according to Luth-AR. Incredibly, the Luth-AR claims some parts are in fact Airsoft components, which are in no way suitable to use in a real firearm. Conversely, all Luth-AR parts are legit.

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