Have you ever wanted to go on a stakeout? You know the ones we’re talking about, where a bunch of unshaven guys with coffee breath are sitting in a cramped van full of sophisticated electronics listening in on the bad guys? Well, you can’t. But you can kinda-sorta get a feel for what that might be like, thanks to a used FBI surveillance van currently up for auction on eBay.

This FBI surveillance van is a 1989 Dodge RAM 350. In the listing, the seller—who appears to be based in Cary, N.C.—writes that it was bought at government auction and claims to have “proof of everything from the day the Van was bought at the dealership by the FBI.” The van, the seller says, was used for “federal drug investigation” and still has “surveillance tapes inside with notebooks.”

As for what else comes in this brown Dodge, the seller lists the following:

  • 3 Extra Batteries + onboard charger/adapter
  • Toilet in the back
  • 2 LCD Screens
  • Video recorders/Players with all the gadgets
  • Tape Recorder/Player
  • Intercom
  • Rear AC/Heat Unit
  • Propane Tanks
  • Radars
  • Amplifiers
  • A lot of 110V Sockets
  • Every door has extra locks

The van has just 23,500 miles on it, which makes sense given that it was used for surveillance. The seller says it has zero mechanical issues.  It comes with what the seller describes as an “immaculate” wood panel interior, along with “documents and owner guides for gadgets inside.”

So if you’re looking to scratch your crime-fighting itch—or just wanna own a cool piece of history—you better hurry, as the auction ends tonight at 7:02 p.m. EST. As of right now, the high bid is $16,100.

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