Federal will provide the new FBI training ammunition

The FBI announced the results of its handgun ammunition bid. Federal and Speer were selected to as primaries to provide the FBI training ammunition, and as secondaries for full size and compact duty ammunition.

FBI Training Ammunition Requirements

As part of its selection of four types of rounds, the FBI specifically required two types of training ammunition. The bid calls for a reduced lead training round and a frangible round. A quick check of Federal and Speer’s catalogs shows a couple of great options. Federal has their new lead free Indoor Range Training round, and Speer offers both Lawman Cleanfire and a frangible round.

Federal and Speer also are going to be secondary producers for the FBI’s duty ammo. The contract required rounds designated as Service (Full Size) and Service (Micro). Presumably, the “full size” designation is for duty weapons, and the “Micro” rounds will end up in back-up guns and low-profile guns for discreet carry. Federal and Speer obviously fill both these requirements with their HST, HST Micro, Gold Dot, and Gold Dot Short Barrel.

Federal Leads the Way

The only company selected to provide ammo for all four categories is Federal/Speer. Federal/Speer will continue to use its years of knowledge and experience to produce the best ammo possible for the FBI. The plant in Anoka, MN will produce three of the rounds. The fourth will come from Speer’s plant in Lewiston, ID.

“It is an honor that our brands continue to be selected for use by the most trusted law enforcement agency and value the products we make,” said Federal’s President Jason Vanderbrink. “The ongoing validation of the technology and performance found in every round of ammunition made by our highly skilled American workforce brings great pride to our company.”

“We are excited to build the FBI the best bullets on the market for both duty and training,” said David Leis, Federal and Speer’s Vice President of Law Enforcement, Government and International Sales.  “This is a win for our engineering team as the FBI will be utilizing  new as well as refined bullet technology in their firearms for both service and training.”

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