The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “Ten Most Wanted” list – started after a reporter asked a simple question in 1949 – celebrated its 60th anniversary on Monday.

The reporter, with The Washington Daily News, asked the bureau for a list of the “toughest guys” they were after, and in March 1950 the newspaper published 10 photographs of those most wanted fugitives on its front page.

Since then the list of the FBI’s ‘most wanted’ has become an institution around the world.

As part of the organization’s anniversary celebration a book had been written about the list, and pictures of all 494 ‘Top Tenners’ released, the FBI said in a statement.

Murder is the top reason people make the list – with the very first Top Tenner, Thomas James Holden, wanted for killing his wife and her two brothers.

Of the 494 fugitives named to the list, 463 – nearly 94 percent – have been captured or located.

The shortest amount of time anyone spent on the list was two hours by Billy Austin Bryant in 1969, while 69-year-old James J. Bulger was the oldest person ever put on the list when he was added in 1999.

Click here for the current list of “top tenners.”

Source: My Fox Chicago

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