A fearless Florida senior fights off home invader with a frying pan—right off the stove—then grabs a pitch fork to finish making his point!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Springfield man said a 31-cent frying pan he’s had for decades was a worthwhile investment. He smacked a robber with it over the weekend.

Bobby Smith, 81, said he fended off a gun-toting robber in his kitchen Saturday. The U.S. Navy Korean War veteran, said he was “in the middle of making supper” when a young man in a blue T-shirt showed up in his kitchen.

The man demanded his wallet. Instead, Smith grabbed the closest thing – a “red-hot frying pan” off the stove. The potatoes cooking in it went flying through the kitchen and Smith hit the man on the side of the face.

“He sank to his knees! I hit him with the frying skillet and it was red hot,” said Smith.

Smith also tried jabbing the robber with nearby pitchfork, he said. “I raced back 6 feet, and I got this pitchfork. Then I worked on him,” said Smith, adding that he drew some blood.

His long-time caregiver 65-year old Luvina Sones, who goes by “Toody,” was there when the incident happened. Toody said the robber ran out of the house with Smith’s wallet.

“It happened so fast. I didn’t have time to be scared really,” said Sones.

Smith was left with a hurt shoulder. He said the robber threw him against the wall before the frying pan went flying.

“I am disgusted and I’m very upset and very damn mad. Cause we don’t deserve it,” said Smith. “Nobody will ever see me cry. Nobody is going to scare me. Nobody.”

The robber got away with Smith’s wallet, which had just $12 in it. It is the second time they were held in their own home at gunpoint.

Right now, police don’t have too much to work with. The description of the robber is too vague.

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A fearless Florida senior fights off home invader with a frying pan—right off the…