There’s a new world record in distance clay target shooting, and boy is it out there. Federal Premium’s Gould Brothers, Steve and Arron Gould, broke their own record recently in Minnesota. The duo actually broke the record twice during an incredible day of shooting, captured by Federal cameras. The Goulds broke clays at distances of both 170 and 180 yards.

Gould Brothers Set Clay Target Distance World Record at 180 Yards

“We are always trying to push the limits of what is possible, and we knew that Federal’s TSS would be the round to make it possible to break a clay pigeon at further distances than we had in the past,” said Steve Gould.

The duo’s previous record of 160 yards dated back several years. Now teamed with Federal Premium, they went after a new record. So the Gould Brothers met with Federal’s lead shotshell engineer, Adam Moser, to better understand the company’s Heavyweight TSS in 7 and 9 shot. It turned out to prove a winning combination.

“The #7 TSS has a significant advantage at 170 yards over the #5 lead at 160 yards. Three times the pellet energy and 100+ more pellets in the payload,” Moser said, explaining the ballistic advantages of Heavyweight TSS over lead shot.

Armed with better tech, the brothers sought to set a new mark. Steve and Aaron attempted a 170-yard shot, with Aaron breaking the record. Then minutes later, brother Steve sent Heavyweight TSS #7 on target at 180 yards, another new record.

“We knew we could break the record; we just didn’t know by how much. To pull the trigger of a shotgun and see a clay break at 180 yards, that is pretty cool,” said Aaron Gould.

“Pulling off incredible shots requires the best performing ammunition and what an exciting accomplishment to witness with one of our category leading products,” said Jason Nash, Federal’s Vice President of Marketing. “What is even more amazing, is the technology they used to capture the historic event, so fans of the Gould Brothers, Federal, and shooting in general can watch history play out.”

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