Federal Premium Ammunition Mobile Ballistics App

The following is a release from Vista Outdoor, Inc.:

Federal Premium Ammunition — founder and leader of the Premium ammunition category — has launched a new mobile Ballistics App compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Ballistics App contains four key user functions, which include the Ballistics Calculator, Load Recommendation, Where to Buy, and Where to Shoot.

Key Functions

  • Ballistics Calculator: Quickly determines the trajectory for any Federal Premium rifle or handgun load.
  • Load Recommendation: Guides hunters and shooters through a series of filters to identify the best ammunition for their firearm and use.
  • Where to Buy: Locates the nearest Federal Premium retailers, using the device’s GPS capability.
  • Where to Shoot: Locates nearby shooting ranges using the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s WhereToShoot.org.

Consumers can get the app through iTunes Store or Google Play.

“Our app is a great on-the-go tool for everyone from beginners to avid shooters,” Federal Premium Ammunition Category Director Rick Stoeckel said in a statement. “From recommending the ideal load for any species or shooting need, to calculating ballistics and finding ranges and retailers, our new app will help enhance anyone’s shooting or hunting experience.”

For more information about Federal Premium and the Ballistics App, please visit FederalPremium.com.

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