The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is ramping up its 9mm training.

Vista Outdoor — Federal Premium’s parent company — won the FBI’s contract. The goal is to supply the FBI and “other Federal Government Agencies” with a high-performance Federal Premium 9mm handgun training round specifically designed to support their mission.

The FBI 9mm contract comes on the heels of Federal’s .40-caliber contract with the Department of Homeland Security.

FBI 9mm Contract Details

The IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) contract has four option years.

As far as specifics go, the contract is for up to $19 million in 9mm handgun training rounds.

The contracted ammunition “is built distinctively to FBI’s specifications.”

“We are extremely proud of this important contract, which continues Federal Premium’s long-running tradition of supplying law enforcement, military personnel and civilians worldwide with the most reliable ammunition possible,” Federal Premium President Jason Vanderbrink said in a statement. “This high-value, optimized training round utilizes a new match-grade bullet designed specifically for the FBI to maximize accuracy, along with Federal Premium’s Catalyst lead-free primer formulation to provide reliable, consistent ignition.”

Catalyst Primer

Of note in the contract release is one specific technology from Federal Premium: its patented Catalyst primer.

According to Federal, “The extremely clean-burning Catalyst primer creates more uniform and complete propellant combustion.” It yields minimal velocity variation and consistent bullet launch for improved accuracy.

The Catalyst primer is also non-hydrophilic. That means it does not attract water molecules like DDNP-based mixes found in most lead-free primers, resulting in better reliability. The result is a clean and consistent ignition.

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