Federal Premium has won a contract to supply U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane Division, which operates under the U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command, with .40-caliber frangible training rounds.

According to the award notice, the contract is a five-year, fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity agreement worth $10 million. If all options are exercised, however, the cumulative value of the deal goes up to $20 million and the ordering period would be extended to 10 years.

The notice also says the U.S. Coast Guard will receive the training rounds. The agency previously used the Beretta 92F as its standard service pistol when it operated within the Department of Transportation, but when it moved to the Department of Homeland Security, Coast Guard members switched over to the Sig P229R DAK in .40 S&W. The pistol features an accessory rail under the slide, along with a 6.5-pound double-action-Kellerman (DAK) trigger system.

The Coast Guard is part of DHS, but as notes, the President has the ability to transfer any or all of its assets to the Department of the Navy during war or conflict. According to, NSWC Crane assists the agency—which carries out homeland security and non-homeland security missions—in procuring ordnance and small arms.

Federal’s press release says the training rounds feature Federal’s lead-free, clean-burning Catalyst primer, which—unlike other lead-free primers—isn’t hygroscopic, meaning it won’t absorb ignition-inhibiting moisture and delivers reliable ignition. Catalyst also boasts a more efficient powder burn which helps with the consistency of bullet velocities.

Hailing the US Navy contract as an “important” one for the company, Jason Nash, Federal’s senior marketing director said, “Our Catalyst lead-free priming technology is a major breakthrough and we’re excited to see it used by those that protect our freedom.”

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