In keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the world of rifle shooting, the innovators at Fiocchi Ammunition have added the futuristic 4.6×30 H&K 40-grain Full Metal Jacket configuration to its acclaimed Exacta Rifle Match line. Fiocchi drew upon its over 130 year legacy of manufacturing only the finest ammunition products utilizing only the best, carefully-selected components to give tactical riflemen the best possible cartridge in the 4.6×30 H&K Full Metal Jacket load.

Fiocchi’s 4.6×30 H&K cartridge offers maximum penetration power as well as delivers in the velocity arena — as this load leaves the muzzle at an astounding 1,900 feet-per-second. Thus, Fiocchi gives tactical shooters the best of both worlds — both power and speed, along with an extra bonus of exact accuracy, due to Fiocchi’s superior cartridge manufacturing capabilities.

Fiocchi’s aptly-named “Exacta” match rifle ammunition has been associated with the world’s very best small bore competition ammunition for over five decades. The same philosophy that has brought Fiocchi countless Olympic Gold Medals and World Championships is present in every aspect of production of the new Fiocchi 4.6×30 H&K 40-grain Full Metal Jacket round. Fiocchi’s recipe for success includes the use of selected lots of primers and premium powder blends ensuring uniform consistency and pinpoint accuracy.

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