SPINDALE, N.C., Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ — The State of California awarded First Choice Armor an exclusive, two-year, statewide contract to provide Level IIIA/Spike 3 body armor and carriers.

Under the contract, state and local government agencies throughout California are able to procure First Choice Armor ballistic/stab-shank resistant body armor. These agencies include local police departments, sheriff’s offices, the Department of Corrections, universities and community colleges.

“First Choice Armor is proud to be selected as the sole provider of combination body armor for the State of California. Our body armor is state-of-the-art, lightweight and comfortable – and exceeds NIJ standards, which was part of the selection criteria. The State also requires superior customer service, and product warranties – all of which are core strengths of First Choice,” states First Choice Armor president Daniel Walsh.

About First Choice Body Armor
First Choice Armor & Equipment, Inc. of Spindale, NC is an international leader in personal protection technology and design. An ISO 9001:2000- certified company, First Choice has pioneered the development of innovative ballistic/stab-shank resistant vests and protective equipment that are state-of-the-art, lightweight and comfortable. First Choice provides its premium equipment to both law enforcement and military agencies. For more information, please visit

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