Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) will be joined by Congressman Pete King, Congressman Chris Lee, the LEAC, and members from law enforcement in a rally in support of ATF hero Will Clark. The united law enforcement group will be staging in front of the Hall of States building (400 North Capitol Street) to send a resounding message to USVI Governor deJongh: Special Agent Will Clark is a HERO, and should not be charged as a criminal.

In September 2008 in St. Thomas, USVI, a battered woman ran to Special Agent Clark for safety from her abusive boyfriend. Special Agent Clark was confronted by the Caucasian, naked 260 lbs pound male subject who exhibited violent behavior and articulated his intent to shoot his girlfriend. When the male subject charged at Special Agent Clark with an 18 inch metal flashlight, Special Agent Clark responded properly and stopped the deadly threat. In reward for saving the battered woman’s life, the USVI charged Special Agent Clark with Second Degree Murder. Alternatively, the ATF internal review concluded that Special Agent Clark acted appropriately.

FLEOA will reinforce its recommendation that the USVI Governor request the Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General be brought in to investigate this matter. According to FLEOA President Jon Adler, “The USVI’s indifference towards the rule of law may have a fatal impact on law enforcement officers intervening in domestic violence cases. Their “Animal Farm” form of justice undermines the integrity of our law and order.”

FLEOA would like to recognize Congressman King, Congressman Lee and Congressman James Moran for their outstanding support.

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Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) will be joined by Congressman Pete…