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Florida hunters may soon be able to add suppressors to their firearms.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering allowing hunters in the state to use suppressors and will examine the proposal at its Sept. 10 meeting, according to the Florida Sun-SentinelIf approved, the new law would allow suppressors to be used when hunting for “deer, turkey, gray squirrels, rabbits, quail and crows.”

They don’t quite muffle shots down to the sinister pop heard in the movies. But supporters say they can protect hunters’ hearing, reduce a rifle’s recoil and allow hunters to operate near residential areas without bothering people.

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… The American Suppressor Association, which represents manufacturers, has been working successfully to lift state restrictions, announcing on its web page recent victories in Louisiana, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky and Arizona.

“Maybe they’re hunting close to some houses and maybe they want to be quiet for their neighbors,” Tony Young, spokesman for the wildlife commission, told the Florida Sun-Sentinel. “Maybe if they’re quiet when they shoot, it will scare the game less. We’re just trying to give people the opportunity to be able to buy one and use one if they choose. We don’t see enough negatives to not allow them.”

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