It hasn’t taken long for the FN 509 pistol to catch on. Just one week after FN America unveiled its brand new 9mm pistol, the company has announced that private security firm Brink’s has selected it as the new official sidearm for its armed security guards.

“Like FN, Brink’s has a long and honored history. Brink’s is one of the most iconic private security firms in the world. The decision to purchase the FN 509 is an important achievement for our organization. It is validation of the hard work that our team put into designing, producing and supporting this pistol,” FN’s president and CEO Mark Cherpes said in a statement.

The first order of new FN 509 pistols are set to ship out to Brink’s at the beginning of June.

Initially developed for the U.S. Army’s XM17 Modular Handgun System competition, the new striker-fired FN 509 has been redesigned for law enforcement and commercial sale. It’s built on the same architecture as the FNS Compact and sports aggressive cocking serrations, enhanced grip textures, guarded controls and a recessed target crown on the four-inch, cold-hammer-forged barrel.

Just so you know how serious FN was about getting the 509 ready, they sent over one million rounds through it during reliability, ammunition compatibility and durability testing before finally bringing it to market last week.

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