knifehand marine video game
A look at Master Lance Cpl. Wagner, the main character in 'KnifeHand.'

Leaving the Marine Corps isn’t always easy.

Veteran Sgt. Brad Bitler said he created his new video game, “Knifehand,” to help marines focus on the camaraderie that is built during their time in the corps.

KnifeHand launched on iTunes on May 10, according to the Marine Corps Times.

Players help the character collect gold deployment coins while jumping from roof to roof in a Middle Eastern village. They have to try to dodge the NJPs that light a fire under the character’s butt — too many can lead to a bad-conduct end of the game. They can also slip on the muck around a tipped over porta potty that serves as a forward operating base toilet or after running into the well-dressed Jody standing in their way.

A “Jody” is, of course, the man every Marine fears will steal their girlfriend while deployed.

“I just picture the lance corporal on duty or duty [noncommissioned officer] at the barracks using this to pass the time and laugh,” Bitler told the Marine Corps Times. “Marines live very real lives with serious consequences and implications. I hope that by making this, I have helped to lift the spirits of my Marines out there.”

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