A Fort Carson brigade is replacing tanks with Strykers.
A Fort Carson brigade is replacing tanks with Strykers.

The Army has announced that the eight-wheeled Stryker combat vehicle will become the standard for the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson. The Strykers will join armored and infantry brigades to create a diverse force capable of meeting a variety of global threats. The vehicles will join the 1st Brigade Combat team in two months.

“The conversion, scheduled to begin in March 2014, is being made to achieve a needed operational mix of brigade combat teams within the Army, and will take an estimated 10 months to complete,” the Army said in a press release.

Fort Carson says the move increase the 4th Infantry Division’s flexibility, among other benefits.

“By converting an armored brigade to a Stryker brigade, the 4th Infantry Division increases the operational capability and flexibility, while continuing to further Fort Carson’s net zero environmental goals of reducing pollution and fuel consumption,” Fort Carson spokeswoman Dee McNutt said.

The Stryker is designed to deploy quickly and will replace the 72-ton M-1 Abrams Tank and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

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