Fort Myers wheelchair
A video from Fort Myers police officer Gil Benitez's dash cam as he helps resident Michael Arnold.

A police officer’s job is to uphold the law and keep the people of the area they patrol safe, and that’s exactly what Fort Myers police officer Gil Benitez did earlier in August.

During a heavy rainstorm during which Benitez “couldn’t even see the stop signs” on the road he was driving on, he received a call about a man stranded in a wheelchair, according to NBC2 News in Florida.

He responded to Bent Creek Loop, where he saw Michael Arnold sitting in his electric wheel chair on the side of the road.

Arnold says, he was on his way home when his chair suddenly stopped working.

“The wind picked up like crazy” Arnold told NBC2 News. “I got to the end of the street and everything just stopped on me.”

“Any one of us would have done it, I just happened to be there first,” Benitez said.

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