I.F.G is the acronym for “Italian Firearms Group”, which has been formed to distribute fine Italian imported firearms in the USA civilian firearms market. Four well known Italian firearms producers (Fair, Pedersoli, Sabatti and Tanfoglio), have joined forces to import and distribute their products in the USA market. The group will utilize the strength s of each member as well as the economy of a group to make their products available to the USA consumer. The new import, distributing and warranty facility will be located in central Florida, USA.

The I.F.G. product range will include: hunting shotguns (OU, Sxs), combination rifle/shotguns, express rifles, SxS rifles, bolt action rifles, single shot rifles, semiautomatic pistols (center fire, rim fire standard, competition, hunting) air guns, muzzle loading guns and accessories (traditional and modern) historical re-enactment guns, single shot rifles and lever action rifles.

All I.F.G. products represent the finest level of quality for each of the respected manufacturers. Distribution will be through typical distribution channels as well as direct distribution when and where available, depending on product and legal requirements and existing distribution agreements.

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I.F.G is the acronym for "Italian Firearms Group", which has been formed to distribute…