When it comes to the 2A community, the NFL fails us more often than not. The NFL employs a perpetual anti-gun stance. Then it allowed the fiasco that was the kneeling Colin Kaepernick. So American patriots feel slighted and marginalized repeatedly by the organization running America’s most popular sport. But Fox Sports, and even the NFL, scored a resounding win, for once, with its Ragged Old Flag commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. So since they fail us so often, we’ll give a shout-out when they finally get one right.

Ragged Old Flag Commercial

The spot features the iconic voice of the immortal Johnny Cash. In it he voices his 1974 classic “Ragged Old Flag.” Patriotic to its core, the Ragged Old Flag commercial begins with retired Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, a recipient of the nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor. Carpenter received the award for his incredibly heroic actions in Afghanistan in 2010.

From there, the spot honors military and first responders alike. It is at times subtle, at times overt, and patriotic to the core throughout. While the commercial never specifically mentions Kaepernick, his supporters nevertheless took to social media to criticize Fox and the NFL for airing the spot. That alone speaks volume to everything good about the Ragged Old Flag commercial.

However, pro gun patriots immediately recognized just how special the commercial is, and how it spoke to veterans and 2A enthusiasts alike.

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