In the fight against Chicago’s gang and drug problem Chicago Police patrol the streets 24/7. The CPD narcotics division has been conducting undercover investigations in order to move in on suspected drug dealers in parts of Chicago’s South and West sides. (AP Photo/Robert Ray)

Maybe it is the splintering of established drug gangs that has young men grabbing the tools of their trade — handguns — to jockey for position? Or it is that rival gangs, once miles apart in different public housing complexes, suddenly finding themselves sharing the same street corner?

Whatever the reasons, Chicago has seen a spike in its homicide rate — with eight killed and at least 35 wounded in a spasm of gunfire last weekend alone — that has authorities scrambling to put more police on the street and some frightened residents retreating deep into their homes.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made combatting gangs a priority and has stood with Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy to unveil a plan of attack. Among the new police tactics is the deployment of dozens of specialized undercover officers to units on Chicago’s West and South sides and saturating those neighborhood streets with uniformed cops.

Source: Associated Press via Fox News.

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In the fight against Chicago's gang and drug problem Chicago Police patrol the streets 24/7.…