Want precision? It takes precisely 0.91 seconds to retrieve 1.92 million Google search results for “Washington Crossing Delaware painting.” And Emanuel Leutze’s famous 1851 oil-on-canvas painting captures America’s most iconic moment in military history like none other.

Tactical Life Operator Crossing Cover

As Tactical Life’s editorial and design team brainstormed for this precision-driven issue’s cover imagery, we came across a veteran-owned company called RE Factor Tactical. Besides hitting the motherlode of tactical gear, has a special section on its site for posters and stickers, and the “Colonial Maritime Raid Force Poster” stopped us in our tracks. It became our inspiration for the cover. As such, believe we just created the most interesting, patriotic gun-lifestyle magazine in history.

Bragging? Maybe a little. But hey, prove us wrong. Send us your feedback via email at [email protected] and tell us what you believe would make for a more modern-day, all-encompassing patriotic cover. And while you’re at it, we put 17+ different modifications and Easter eggs into our Tactical Life cover image. If you can find them all, let us know. The first 20 readers who get it all right will receive a goody bag full of TL swag. Enjoy the issue! It’s going to be on sale at newsstands nationwide on July 16, 2019 and at

Tactical Life Cover



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