Half-Hour Series Will Reveal the World’s “Toughest” Across a Broad Spectrum of Categories, Including Sniper Units, Crime Organizations, Prisons, Armored Cars and More

Curious whose military special forces are the toughest? Question the most dangerous prison in the world? Dare to guess the most terrifying crime organization? The debate ends here. Each episode of “That’s Tough!” will take viewers around the globe to count down the top three “toughest” of well, everything. From the “toughest” crack sniper units to deadliest blades, top secret mega vaults to the most vicious modern dictators, the most extreme people, places and things will be revealed in this edgy and irreverent new series. Produced by Super Delicious (“Manswers,” “Cupcake Wars”), “That’s Tough!” premieres Wednesday, October 20th at 8:30 PM ET/PT immediately following an all-new episode of Campus PD.

“That’s Tough!” aims to set the record straight once and for all as it shatters popular misconceptions and presents the facts counting down the toughest of everything. In episode one, the series will check out the toughest lockups in the world, including a Peruvian prison where authorities have turned over control to the inmates, and the North Koran Gulag, infamous for subjecting its prisoners to gruesome medical experimentation. Meet the baddest little people under 5 feet tall, from a pint-sized stuntman who likes to wingwalk for kicks, to a tiny rapper with an ultra violent streak. Toughest armored state car? Find out how these tricked-out super cars keep world leaders safe.

Future episodes will tackle the most intense rites of passage, including bungee jumping with vine to miss the ground by inches and a Bullet Ant ceremony involving the most painful sting known to man. Viewers will also meet wicked criminals who make “The Sopranos” look like wusses – like the notoriously tough and unforgiving Chinese Triad and Mexico’s terrifying La Familia.

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Half-Hour Series Will Reveal the World's "Toughest" Across a Broad Spectrum of Categories, Including…