G4S International Training, Inc, providers of benchmark security training programs to the U.S. Government, U.S. Military and corporate America, will be hosting a Basic Sniper Course at its Texas Campus September 3rd – 7th, 2012. The purpose of the Sniper School is to train select Law Enforcement, Military and Qualified Civilian Personnel in the technical skills and operational procedures necessary to deliver precision rifle fire from concealed positions onto selected targets in support of special operations.

The course emphasis is to provide trained personnel who can achieve first-round hits from a cold barrel onto high-value targets. Personnel will also be able to correct for wind and determine the previous round’s bullet trace to achieve second-round hits if necessary.

This program will train and test the operator in the use of the precision scoped rifle during high-risk incidents. The course covers equipment, fundamentals of marksmanship, system maintenance, ballistics, ammunition selection and usage, shooting positions, effects of weather, team techniques, the cold bore shot, KIMS games, concealment and stalking and known distance range firing from 100 to 1,000 yards.

Ammunition Requirements:

Live – 500 (match grade)

Required Equipment:

Sniper rifle system, non-Magnum calibers only, .308 recommended, Mildot reticle and target turret or BDC style scope.
20x (minimum) spotting scope.
Rucksack or 3 day assault pack.
At least 2 sets of military Battle Dress Uniforms and a Jungle hat or Patrol Cap.
Two sets Combat type boots (Jungle, Combat, Israeli).
Minimum of 2- one quart canteens and 1- two quart canteen or 2- one quart canteens and a Camelback Hydration system.
Small First Aid Kit.
Military Poncho and Poncho Liner.
Two pads of paper and two pencils and pens.
Entrenching Tool.
Military Flashlight with Red lenses.
Civilian clothing and toilet articles.
Ghillie suit.
Camp / survival saw.
Hearing protection.
Camouflage face paints, stick or compacts.
Pruning shears.
100’ 550 cord.
1 roll of 100mph tape, green.
Sand sock for rear rifle rest.
3 camouflaged arrows or 3/8” wood dowels 36” long or full size camera tripod.
Snipers log book with nylon cover.
500 rounds of match grade rifle ammo per week of training.
Serviceable handgun, holster and 500 rounds of handgun ammo for Sniper II course.
Calculator and Mildot Master.
Cleaning equipment for both the Sniper System and Handgun.
MRE meals as needed.

If you would like to register your department or send personnel to this course, please contact Shawn L. Lewis, Manager of Training Operations-Texas, at (830)-334-2990 or by email: shawn.lewis(at)

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