Gargoyles Performance Eyewear is honored to announce the formation of The Gargoyles Shooting Team. Well known for its ballistic defense properties and exceptionally clear Mission Series Lenses, the Gargoyles brand has a long history of being worn by elite members of the military and law enforcement.

The newly formed Gargoyles Shooting Team is made up of military and law enforcement professionals, in addition to civilians involved in military support.

The Gargoyles Shooting Team represents the company’s 30-year history in performance optics appropriate for mission oriented pursuits. The inaugural field agents on the Gargoyles shooting team include Kepa Zubizaretta, Tim Kunz, Todd Kunz and team captain, Mark Quinn. Each member knows that in shooting competition, the right eye protection is critical and that the appropriate optical protection can give you an

In addition to the members of the Gargoyles Shooting Team, other Gargoyles ambassadors include Grady Sizemore (professional baseball player), Manny Puig (predatory animal expert and star of the “Jackass 3D” movie), the MasterCraft Off-Road Racing team, the Madness Adventure Racing team and Todd Fairbairn, founder of Otte Gear, an elite purveyor of tactical clothing and equipment designed specifically for US Special Forces units.

Founded in 1979, Gargoyles revolutionized an entire industry with the invention of the polycarbonate Toric lens, a technology that provides up to 210 degrees of seamless, impact-resistant, crystal-clear optics. The Gargoyles Classic and 85 styles were some of the first to pass the US Special Forces strict military standards, in addition to exceeding all ISO and ANSI test standards, as well as the MIL-STD 622 ballistic test.

Some of the models the Gargoyles Shooting Team will be seen wearing at events include:

• The Veil: Featuring 10×4 Dual Toric lenses in clear or yellow options, adjustable nosepads and lightweight, flexible frame, the Veil is perfect for competitive shooters at both indoor and outdoor ranges.

• The Classic: While Hollywood stars The Terminator and Dirty Harry helped make these famous on screen, the Classics have the ballistic properties Gargoyles are well known for and a strong following due to their unique, iconic style.

• The Cardinal: A lightweight, sport-specific model that features a full coverage, Dual Toric 210º Vision Shield lens, rubber temple tips, vented corners and adjustable nose pieces.

More information about the Gargoyles Shooting Team, Gargoyles Performance Eyewear models and their lens technologies can be found online at

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Gargoyles Performance Eyewear is honored to announce the formation of The Gargoyles Shooting Team.…