A man who led police on a high-speed chase and crashed his car was then shot and killed after he climbed out of his wrecked vehicle and wildly lunged at a Georgia police officer with a knife. Watch the dash cam footage of the dangerous encounter above.

Chief Andy Strait of the Clayton Police Department told Fox 5 Atlanta that the unidentified officer originally tried to pull over the suspect—identified as 28-year-old Brett Dontae Bush—for speeding on U.S. 441. Bush, however, had other plans. He instead sped up, turned onto a side street and attempted to flee.

The dash cam footage shows Bush’s vehicle hitting a curve and getting launched into the air before crashing down in the driveway of a nursing home. The officer arrives on the scene seconds later. He is shown exiting his patrol vehicle with his gun drawn. He tells Bush not to move and to stay in the car, which is smoking and has airbags deployed. But Bush ignores those commands. He proceeds to kick out the back window, climb onto the roof of the car and—with a knife in his hand—dive at the officer.

Georgia Police Shooting

Once on the ground, Bush starts making stabbing and slashing motions at the officer. He then gets up and starts charging at him. The officer backs up and repeatedly tells Bush to stop or he’ll shoot.

“I don’t give a f**k,” Bush replies. He continues advancing on the officer and using his knife to make threatening motions.

That’s when the officer discharges his weapon three times and sends Bush down to the ground.

The officer—a former Marine—holds the suspect at gunpoint until backup arrives. The LEOs then begin to administer first aid, but as the Macon Telegraph reports, the suspect—identified as 28-year-old Brett Dontae Bush—died at the scene.

Strait told reporters that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is taking the lead on the case. The officer who pulled the trigger has been placed on administrative leave, per standard procedure.

“Our thoughts and prayers are for everyone involved in this situation. It’s truly a very sad situation,” Strait said.

Police didn’t give any motive for Bush’s actions.

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